Eighth Count Loughrea LEA: Hynes takes final seat

Cllr Pat Hynes is congratulated by wife Anne after his election.

All of the five seats in the Loughrea electoral area have now been filled as veteran independent councillor Pat Hynes crossed the line without reaching the quota after the eighth and final count.

This followed the elimination of the third FF candidate, retired Garda Sergeant Pat Flanagan.

Michael ‘Moegie’ Maher and Jimmy McClearn were first past the post having been elected on the first count – and they were followed in by the Fianna Fail pair of Shane Curley in Loughrea and Portumna’s Ivan Canning.



Number of seats: 5

Electorate: 18,729

Total poll: 10,503

Spoiled votes: 165

Total valid poll: 10,338

Quota: 1,724



First count:

Michael ‘Moegie’ Maher (FG) 2,152

Jimmy McClearn (FG) 2,045

Shane Curley (FF) 1,581

Ivan Canning (FF) 1,564

Pat Hynes (Ind) 948

Pat Flanagan (FF) 738

Joe Campbell (Aontu) 661

Annmarie Roche (SF) 332

Eoin Madden (Ind) 321


Maher and McClearn elected


Second count

(Distribution of Maher’s surplus)


Shane Curley (FF) (+161) 1,742

Ivan Canning (FF) (+25) 1,589

Pat Hynes (Ind) (+104) 1,052

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+76) 814

Joe Campbell (Aontu) (+13) 674

Annmarie Roche (SF) (+21) 353

Eoin Madden (Ind) (+28) 349


Curley elected



Fourth count

(Distribution of Canning’s surplus)


Pat Hynes (Ind) (+4) 1,105

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+5) 845

Joe Campbell (Aontu) (+9) 736

Annmarie Roche (SF) (+3) 378

Eoin Madden (Ind) (+2) 360



Fifth count

(Distribution of Curley’s surplus)


Pat Hynes (Ind) (+6) 1,111

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+8) 853

Joe Campbell (Aontu) (+1) 737

Annmarie Roche (SF) (+1) 379

Eoin Madden (Ind) (+2) 362


Madden eliminated


Sixth count

(Distribution of Madden’s vote)


Pat Hynes (Ind) (+79) 1,190

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+36) 889

Joe Campbell (Aontu) (+37) 774

Annmarie Roche (SF) (+88) 467


Roche eliminated



Seventh count

(Distribution of Roche’s votes)


Pat Hynes (Ind) (+149) 1,339

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+53) 942

Joe Campbell (Aontu) (+73) 847


Campbell eliminated


Eighth count

(Distribution of Campbell’s votes)


Pat Hynes (Ind) (+221) 1,560

Pat Flanagan (FF) (+186) 1,128

Hynes elected without reaching the quota.