Drug dealers ply trade at Galway Courthouse

A self-confessed heroin addict was remanded in continuing custody this week in connection with thefts from the university.

At Galway District Court, Judge Mary Fahy expressed concern that heroin dealers were plying their trade in and around Galway Courthouse and were “leaching” off vulnerable people like John Mongan (30), a father of three from 24 Gaelcarrig Park, Newcastle, Galway.

Mongan was charged with the theft of a €1,000 computer from NUIG and with taking a bike from the college on April 15 last. He was further charged with handling another bike, knowing it was stolen at his home on February 4 last and with stealing two bottles of vodka from Aldi on the same day.

Judge Fahy had told Mongan she was refusing him bail and was going to remand him in custody for his own good so that he could receive the treatment he needed for his heroin addiction.

He had pleaded with her not to remand him in custody, promising her he would not reoffend and would get treatment himself.

Judge Fahy said she knew that would not happen as there were people hanging around the courthouse ready to sell him heroin.

“I know it’s going on and I can see it going on. There are people coming into this court leaching off people like you; vulnerable people like you. It’s going on in and around this courthouse. I’m blessed with good eyesight and they are dealing in and around the courthouse. I know that,” the judge said.

Mongan asked not to be held in custody but Judge Fahy said to him: “It’s in other people’s interest that you do not get treatment and that is sad to say. There is heroin in this city and this man is addicted to it and he has to stay away from the people who are supplying him and the best way for me to help him is to see he gets treatment while in custody,” she said.

Mongan was remanded in continuing custody to appear before Harristown District Court, attached to Castlerea Prison, this Friday, when he appeared before Judge Alan Mitchell on Wednesday.


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