Does the Irish winter create Irish writers?

Charlie Adley

Double Vision with Charlie Adley

Waking to the sound of rain hammering my bedroom windows, I turn on the lamp. 6:45. Above me the wind plays a violin concerto on the roof. After years in this house I know by the pitch of the music the energy of the storm.     Splendid. There are countless downsides to being a writer, but having to get out of bed while it’s still dark isn’t one of them.

Propping up a pillow behind my head I reach for the latest Donal Ryan. I love his writing, particularly his short stories, but for some reason ‘From A Low And Quiet Sea’ hasn’t grabbed me yet. In fact (most unlike me altogether) I read Willie Vlautin’s ‘Don’t Skip Out On Me’ during a break from this one.

What a luxury! For years I commuted into London, physically hurling my body at packed tube trains, just as the doors started to close, so that my impact would allow me to squeeze into the space between glass and wedged workers.

No more.

Now I lie here and read until it’s light, excited and comforted by the knowledge that weatherwise, today’s a write off.

Good writing weather: that’s what I call it.

No need, reason or desire to leave the house. Just get up, do my stretches, make a fire, have breakfast and go to my office. There I can sit and write as long as I want to, because outside it’s lashing.

Not the full sideways effort, but gushing diagonal floods of heavy rain, carried on strong South-Easterly gusts, now smashing against my office window as I sit here, writing this.

Apart from housework, there is nothing else I can do today.


God knows what other poor souls who live rural lives do on days like this. Sometimes being a scribbler feels like a blessing, because I’m condemned to neither loneliness nor Loose Women.

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