Documentary celebrates Galway’s dance scene

Members of the dance school Galway Swing who featured in the documentary Galway Bailando.
Members of the dance school Galway Swing who featured in the documentary Galway Bailando.

A documentary celebrating the rich world of native and international dance in the city has been produced by a tai chi expert who developed a passion for tango in his spare time.
Galway Bailando is a 90-minute film directed by the man behind the ‘Galway is Also Happy’ video, filmmaker Kamil Krolak.
Some 20 dance schools and at least 100 dancers are involved in the project which features dance genres which are familiar and not so familiar, among them Cuban rueda, capoeira, sean nós, swing, reggae ton, salsa, pierrot mime, bellydance, flamenco, hip hop, charleston, bachata, ballet and lindy hop.
As well as interviews with dancers and dance instructors, the film captures each school performing a piece of their choosing. It then follows them as they go out to socialise and practice their dance – swing dancers having a ball in Busker Browns during the Jazz session, sean nós dancers rocking out in the Western Hotel.
For the final scene, each dance school was asked to choreograph a piece to the same music and it was filmed on the streets of Galway at night, against the backdrop of the Christmas lights.
“It’s absolutely stunning. You have all these dancers in a different dance style, all choreographed together to the one piece of music. It’s totally original,” enthused producer Niall O Floinn.
The aim of the project originally was to produce a short quality film for Latin dance schools to be able to use for promotional purposes.
But as the response from schools from all genres grew, so too did the ambition and soon a four-minute online video grew to a 90-minute homage to dance and Galway’s multicultural community of dancing enthusiasts.
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