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Dedicated fund needed to tackle ‘dire’ footpaths


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Dedicated fund needed to tackle ‘dire’ footpaths Dedicated fund needed to tackle ‘dire’ footpaths

The system of funding footpaths repairs throughout the city is inefficient and a dedicated fund must be established by members of the next Galway City Council.

That’s the call from Councillor Mike Cubbard (Independent), who described the current state of the footpaths as ‘dire’.

“The council crew do trojan work and Councillors can allocate their Local improvement Scheme funding of €10,000 per annum to an area, but in reality this level of funding is inefficient considering the level of repair and upgrade works that are required. A piecemeal repair system fails to address the hazards faced by pedestrians.

“Despite the commendable efforts of council staff, who work tirelessly under considerable pressure, the condition of footpaths continues to pose significant risks to pedestrians.

“Progress has been made in some areas but the sizable challenge ahead to keep up has become evident over recent weeks as I and other candidates walk the streets. As an outgoing Councillor, the glaring issue here for me is the urgent need for increased staffing and substantial financial investment to effectively address this pressing issue.”

Cllr Cubbard, who is standing for re-election in Galway City Central, added that walking was being encouraged as a sustainable mode of transportation, yet many footpaths in Galway City remained hazardous.

“The current approach of piecemeal repairs is simply not working. We must take decisive action to ensure the safety and accessibility of our footpaths,” he said.

Pictured: Cracked and dangerous footpaths in Woodquay.

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