Days of mesh coming to an end as Fusion 3 delivers an all-plastic wrap

CONTRACTOR Michael Francis Murphy from Killeely, Kilcolgan, with his new Fusion 3 McHale baler and wrapper that uses no mesh in bale production.

The Fusion 3, with its optional second plastic unit, wraps the ‘belly’ of the bale in a slightly stronger film before the normal wrapping process clicks into play.

It is one of the few Fusion 3 balers in operation in Galway but over the coming years they are likely to be a lot more common across the silage fields of the county.

According to Michael Francis Murphy, Teagasc research has shown the new ‘plastic instead of mesh’ belly wrap, to be very successful in terms of silage fermentation and protection for the grass.

“Farmers seem to be very happy with the new wrapping system that completely eliminates mesh. The mesh can be difficult to recycle but all of the plastic can be gathered for recycling.

“It seems to give added protection to the silage and farmers will also find it a lot handier when opening up the bales during the feeding season,” said Michael Francis Murphy.

The baler – with the second plastic unit – costs in the region of €80,000. The second plastic unit adds on about €6,000 to the cost for Fusion 3, which is also available in the standard mesh first wrap as well.                                

John Joe Cummins of McHale Farm Machinery, Kilmain, who manufacture the unit, said that there had been a very positive reaction from farmers to the Fusion 3 Plus baler.

“Farmers are very happy with the quality of the bale produced while at feeding time the whole problem of mesh is eliminated. It’s just a matter of gathering up the plastic for recycling,” said John Joe Cummins.