Courts Service report outlines waiting times for hearings in Galway

The average waiting time for domestic violence barring order and protection order applications to be heard in Galway jumped from one week to four weeks in the space of a year, according to new figures from the Courts Service.

According to the service’s annual report for 2016, in the Galway courts area, it took an average of four weeks to hear domestic violence applications in the District Court – the wait was just one week the previous year.

However, urgent applications relating to domestic violence in Galway were heard on the next day the court sat.

In Family Law sittings, applications for maintenance or guardianship took between four to eight weeks to be heard, which remained unchanged from 2015.

Last year, civil cases took an average of 16 weeks to come before the District Court, unchanged from the previous year.

For criminal cases, charge sheets were heard on the next day the court sat, while the waiting time for summonses was 16 weeks – also unchanged from 2015.

In the Circuit Court, the average waiting time for criminal trials was between seven and nine months, while the wait for sentence hearings was three months (from the trial date when a guilty plea was entered). Appeals took two months to be heard. The waiting times were all unchanged from 2015.

Civil cases – which took between three and six months to come before the Circuit Court in 2015 – were being heard at the next sitting of the court.

Family law cases which had waits of two to three months in 2015, were also being heard at the next court sitting in 2016.