The amount of household waste collected in the county has dropped according to the environmental protection agency.

A new report published today show that over 58 thousand tonnes of waste was collected in 20-11, that’s down almost 5 thousand tonnes on the previous year.

However the city figures reveal a slight increase in household waste collection.

23 thousand 280 tonnes was collected in 20-11, that’s up almost 500 tonnes on the figure for 20-10.

The figures include black, brown and green bin collection, as well as bring banks and segregated glass collections.

Nationally, the amount of waste being generated by households has fallen by 17 percent in the last 6 years, which the EPA say is largely as a result of the recession and a decline in personal consumption.

Speaking to Galway bay fm news, Inspector at the E.P.A Fiona McCoole says Ireland has come a long way in terms of dealing with waste