Council and TII did thank M17/M18 Farmers

Kevin Kelly: Thanks to landowners.
Kevin Kelly: Thanks to landowners.

GALWAY County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) have stressed in a statement issued this week that the role of farmers in helping to deliver the new M17/M18 road, has at all times been acknowledged by those bodies.

Last week, Galway IFA Chairman, Pat Murphy, said that he was disappointed at the opening ceremony at ‘no mention’ being made ‘by the Minister or some of the local representatives’ of the role of farmers in the road project.

However, Tony Collins M17/M18 Liaison Officer has contacted the Farming Tribune to point out that over the years, the people involved with that road project ‘are well aware’ of the co-operation and assistance provided by landowners from Gort to Tuam.

“The positive role of landowners was specifically addressed by Galway County Council Chief Executive, Kevin Kelly, in his address at the opening ceremony and also by the CEO of TII [Michael Nolan], both of whom thanked the landowners for their co-operation,” said Mr. Collins.

He also said that Kevin Kelly, the Chief Executive of Galway County Council, made the following statement at the opening ceremony, specifically relating to the role landowners played in the project:

“At this point, I would like to acknowledge the co-operation and assistance of local landowners, some of whom are with us here today, and the wider local community in helping us to deliver this major project which will be of long term benefit to our community. Thank you all for your help in arriving at this great day.”

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