Council’s ‘paint it’ order on landmark building

Date Published: 31-May-2012


An enforcement order has been issued against the owners of the troubled Baily Point development in Salthill due to their failure to comply with a planning condition which requires the seafront building to be repainted every four years.

Galway City Council have issued the enforcement order against the management company who they believe are responsible for the upkeep of the landmark complex which faces onto Salthill promenade.

The local authority’s action came in the wake of complaints about the state of the building from members of the public, some of whom were anxious that it would receive a facelift before grand finale of the Volvo Ocean Race, at the end of this month.

But the matter is complicated by an-going wrangle over the ownership of the building, which has dragged on for the best part of a decade since the site was purchased out of receivership in 2003.

The apartment complex includes a cinema and bar which have never opened to the public and some effort has been made to improve the appearance of the building, with the removal of adhesive stickers from the doors of the cinema and music venue in recent weeks.

“Our Planning Department has been on the case and the order was issued because it was claimed they were not in compliance with condition five of their planning permission, which requires all apartment blocks granted permission to be repainted every four years,” said a Galway City Council spokesman yesterday.

Plaster has been falling off the exterior of the structure which, it has been claimed, was not adequately designed to withstand the salt spray and sea air associated with a sea-front location.

The Galway City Tribune understands that the property management company involved has disputed the point of repainting the structure, given that the plaster keeps falling off the exterior walls.

“The matter has been complicated by a legal action, but we are pursuing the property management company which is responsible for the building,” said the spokesman. “The biggest festival in the country this year is now less than 30 days away and we are doing what we can.

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