Council not commenting on planned return of Occupy Galway

Date Published: 14-May-2013

Galway City Council says it’s not appropriate to comment on what it will do in relation to Occupy Galway’s plans to return to Eyre square this week.

Cllr. Padraig Conneely took offence at yesterday’s council meeting where he claimed he was handed a piece of paper about the event by a member sitting in the gallery.

Mayor Terry O’ Flaherty issued a warning to the alleged offender advising that if certain behaviour persisted it could lead to a person’s removal from the chamber.

There were no further issues, and the person left the chamber of his own accord after 6pm.

Director of services Ciaran Hayes told the meeting he didn’t want to compromise what the council would do in relation to the groups plans.

Occupy Galway plan to meet this Thursday in Eyre Square for music and workshops marking the same day last year when the camp was dismantled by Gardaí and the City Council.