Commonage farmers seek measures to clear GLAS pay delays

Eamonn Nee: GLAS payments need to be made.
Eamonn Nee: GLAS payments need to be made.

RENEWED calls have been this week for the Dept. of Agriculture to clear the logjam of commonage farmers who are still waiting for their final 15% GLAS instalment to be paid out.

Nationally, close on 6,000 farmers are still awaiting their final GLAS payments – a significant number of them in the Connemara region – and all because final commonage plans have not been submitted.

Some of the problems arise because Teagasc and Farm Relief Service (FRS) planners – who last year began interim commonage plans – are now no longer engaged in the GLAS plans, according to the IFA.

Galway IFA Hill Farming Representative, Eamonn Nee, said that the priority had to be to make the balancing payment ‘as soon as possible’ to the farmers involved, many of them in the Connemara region.

“Farmers in Connemara have come through one of their most difficult Winter and Spring periods in living memory due to the weather and fodder shortages, and this balancing payment is badly needed.

“Whatever administrative difficulties are there, we want them overcome, and the money paid out. Over the coming weeks, many farmers in Connemara will be buying in fodder so this money would be very welcome,” said Eamonn Nee.

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