‘Common sense’ is the winner in saga of dirty lambs

David Harney: Common sense has prevailed.
David Harney: Common sense has prevailed.

THE ‘Peace Process’ appears to be working again in the ongoing war that has raged between sheep farmers, Dept. of Agriculture vets and the meat plants over the issue of dirty lambs/hoggets being presented for slaughter.

According to new Galway IFA Sheep Committee Representative, David Harney, ‘common sense’ seems to have prevailed over the issue of wet or dirty sheep being presented at the meat plants.

The situation reached crisis point in early February when over 800 sheep were ‘sent home’ from the meat plant in Athleague because they were ‘too dirty’ for slaughter.

That action led to an angry reaction from sheep farmers who had endured very poor weather and ground conditions for their flocks over the winter period.

“Thankfully, since then, it seems that common sense has prevailed at the meat plants in relation to this issue. The meat plants and the Department have to take a practical and realistic approach to this issue.

“Sheep farmers had endured the worst of conditions over the winter period and it was very disheartening to have their stock sent home, without being killed,” said David Harney.

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