Colette’s Labour of love at the end of a Rainbow

Colette Connolly, pictured here at the count centre in May, has benefitted from Labour's pact U-Turn

Bradley Bytes – A Political Column with Dara Bradley 

The irony of Colette Connolly benefiting from the Labour Party’s ruling pact U-turn won’t be lost on Niall McNelis.

For it was his party who treated Colette abysmally in the 2014 local election, running three candidates in an attempt to squeeze her out. It backfired.

Yes, Colette lost her seat, which pleased the Labour Party hierarchy no-end, but not to fellow party man, John McDonagh, who also failed to take a seat.

She subsequently left Labour and ran this time as an Independent. Not only did Colette pip John to a seat in May’s local election, McNelis’ change of heart on a ruling pact deal he signed with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, sealed the rainbow ruling alliance.

As kingmaker McNelis backed out of a deal with FF/FG, Colette’s bargaining power rose. Not only will she be mayor over the next five years, she’s getting a deputy mayor too, proving good things come to those who wait.

If you lie down with dogs . . .

Lefties such as Colette Connolly, the Greens’ Pauline O’Reilly and Martina O’Connor, and Owen Hanley of the Social Democrats, are now bedfellows of Righties such as Declan McDonnell, a former PD, and Noel ‘the drone’ Larkin, who used Peter Casey-esque rhetoric in his re-election campaign . . .