City officials urged to vet candidates for new social houses

Galway Bay fm newsroom – City councillors have urged officials to place a fresh focus on the vetting of social housing applicants when new properties become available.
The matter was raised at a meeting of Galway City Council this week where the local authority approved the raising of a loan.
The loan would facilitate a number of approved housing bodies to buy four properties in different parts of the city in order to provide social housing.
The properties are located at An Crumpaun, Luí na Gréine, Ashleigh Grove and Túr Uisce.
However, a number of Councillors stated that the people who would take up the properties would need to be carefully vetted for fear of anti-social behaviour in established communities.
Councillor Pearse Flannery said the city council should carry out thorough background checks on prospective tenants, hear more from him at 2…