City hotels suffering from rise in bedroom boozers


Hotels in Galway City are counting the cost of guests ‘smuggling’ in their own drink and then isolating themselves away in their rooms for the duration of their stay.


Not only is it a source of concern for hotel owners but it is an issue that has been raised by those involved in trying to control alcohol abuse.

Hoteliers say that more and more people who avail of cheap hotel deals are often bringing their own alcohol to their rooms in an effort to cut down on the cost of the break.

A large number of guests bring in bottles of wine to their rooms, but it has been claimed that younger groups who book city hotels smuggle whole ‘slabs’ of beer into their rooms for drinking parties.

Paul Gill, Chairman of the Galway Branch of the Irish Hotel Federation, told the Connacht Sentinel that a lot of city hotels were complaining of the bedroom drink culture that had emerged in recent years.

He said that there was also a growing problem of residents of hotels bringing off-licence drinks to weddings on the same premises and often these had to be confiscated by staff.

“There is often very little we can do if people decide to bring in drink for consumption in their own hotel room but it is a growing problem in the city,” Mr Gill said.

Joe Treacy, Addiction Counsellor in Galway and Secretary of the Irish Psychiatric Nurses Association, slammed the practice of people bringing in alcohol to hotel rooms and believed that it should be outlawed.

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