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City East goes to eighth count


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

City East goes to eighth count City East goes to eighth count

The Irish People party’s Jacinta Gibbons has been eliminated on the seventh count for Galway City East, after the Green Party, Social Democrats and Labour benefited most from Solidarity/PBP transfers.

The Social Democrats’ Justine Delaney picked up 46 votes from eliminated Conor Burke’s (Sol/PBP) transfers; Helen Ogbu (Labour) took 23; and the Green’s Mathias Joyce got 21.

The City East count is slowly building towards the election of its first candidate, with Cllr Alan Cheevers now 91 votes short of the quota and Cllr Declan McDonnell 102 off.

Now entering the eight count, Returning Officer Gary McMahon said he would be reviewing if the count continues tonight following the conclusion of the distribution of Gibbons’ votes.

Seventh count

Distribution of Conor Burke’s votes

*Cheevers, Alan (FF) (+4) 1,053

*McDonnell, Declan (Ind) (+5) 1,042

*O’Flaherty, Terry (Ind) (+7) 952

*Crowe, Michael (FF) (+3) 754

Burke, Aisling (SF) (+37) 693

Forde , Shane (FG) (+3) 675

Ogbu, Helen (Lab) (+23) 634

*Larkin, Noel (Ind Irl) (+7) 471

Tully, Michael (Ind) (+5) 384

Delaney Heaslip, J (SD) (+46) 372

Keogh, Aisling (FG) (+5) 349

Mathias, Joyce (GP) (+21) 322

Gibbons, Jacinta (TIP) (+6) 225 ELIM

Non-transferable: 14

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