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City Councillors give go ahead to Culturally Appropriate Traveller Housing Scheme



From Galway Bay FM newsroom- Galway City Councillors have voted this week to grant planning permission for the construction of a Culturally Appropriate housing scheme for Travellers in the Circular Road area of the city.

This scheme is part of the City Council’s housing objectives in its 5-year housing programme for Travellers.

The scheme will comprise 5 dwelling units and will cost €1.6m.

Director of Services, Patricia Philbin – in reply to a question from Mayor Colette Connolly – explained that Culturally Appropriate Traveller Housing Schemes had a higher cost than ordinary housing units.

She also assured the City Mayor that appropriate security would be installed on the site and that workers would find parking spaces on the site also.

The accommodation will range from 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom houses

Three such Culturally Appropriate schemes had been the objective of the City Council for 2021 and this is the first one that has been brought to the pre-construction stage.

There are 607 Traveller families in Galway City according to the latest assessments.

37 homes were allocated to Traveller families in 2021.

However, the provision of new dwellings is running somewhat behind schedule; 124 new units was the objective over the past two years but the total stands at 105.