City Central Recount: Discrepancies emerge in initial count

It is hoped an announcement of the result of the recount in Galway City Central will be made within the next hour.
Labour’s John McDonagh called the recount last night after he was eight votes behind the next nearest candidate, Martina O’Connor of the Green Party, after the 13th count.
It is understood that a number of discrepancies in the initial count have emerged and the gap between McDonagh and O’Connor has narrowed to one vote.
Following the announcement of the recount, the eighth placed candidate will be eliminated and their votes will be redistributed.
If it is not McDonagh, and he overtakes O’Connor then the likelihood is that the Greens will then call a recount.
It is understood McDonagh cannot call a second recount.
There are four seats to be filled; Mike Cubbard (Ind) and Ollie Crowe (FF) have been deemed elected.
In addition to McDonagh, there are two Fine Gael candidates, Eddie Hoare and outgoing City Councillor Frank Fahy, and three ‘Left’ candidates, Colette Connolly (Ind), Sharon Nolan (Soc Dems) and Martina O’Connor (Green).
A full tally of the McDonagh transfers hasn’t been calculated but rough calculations indicate that Colette Connolly will benefit most.
Martina O’Connor – another Shantalla-based candidate – will take more transfers than Sharon Nolan but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to overtake her remains to be seen.
Returning Officer, Gary McMahon at 6pm announced the recount was continuing, and he asked for people to ‘keep the noise down’ so that counters can concentrate of re-checking the ballot papers.

State of play as of yesterday when recount was called:
Distribution of Crowe’s surplus of 16 votes:
Connolly, Colette Ind (+3) 803
Crowe, Ollie FF ELECTED
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+4) 931
Hoare, Eddie FG (+2) 1,110
McDonagh, John Lab (+4) 763
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+1) 794
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+2) 771
Non-transferable: 0
Eliminated: John McDonagh
McDonagh has called for a full recount