Cheevers changes course on ‘copied’ choo-choo campaign

Galway West TD Éamon Ó Cuív looks bored as Alan Cheevers talks trains at a public meeting last week

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Fianna Fáil local election candidate in Galway City East, Alan Cheevers, is courting the electorate with quick-fix solutions to the city’s traffic congestion problem.

Transport is, once again, a big issue with voters, and Cheevers organised a public meeting to discuss the topic in the Clayton Hotel last week.

Galway West TD, Éamon Ó Cuív, and Galway East TD, Anne Rabbitte, who is contesting the European Parliament elections, were both in attendance at what was a poor turnout. Even Éamó looked bored in video footage of the meeting.

Those who did bother their barney to turn up, would have heard about Cheevers’ plans for new commuter train services from Athenry to Galway, and new train stations at Doughiska and Renmore.

Cheevers had previously ‘announced’ these plans in a press release, which he described as “my transport policy for commuter train from Athenry to Galway”.

The media release was accompanied by a link which brought you to a very slick video slideshow fleshing-out more detail on plans for more trains. “To review the Fianna Fáil Report on this matter in greater detail, please log on to (link to the report),” urged Alan.

The report was accompanied by the Fianna Fáil logo, and a headshot of the man himself, Alan Cheevers.

Even though the report may be Alan’s ‘transport policy’, its contents was apparently created by John Francis Kelly, a community activist who is involved in East United and Ballybane Sports.

John was quite peeved that Alan went on a solo-run, and told him in no uncertain terms that, “you don’t have permission to use my work”.

John’s draft policy, Galway Commuter Rail Strategy, is still available to view online. The link, however, to Alan Cheevers’ (almost identical) “Fianna Fáil Report” has since been deleted.

Alan’s view on John’s assertion that the transport strategy was in fact John’s and not Alan’s?

“. . . there is no ownership by anyone it’s a solution Éamon Ó Cuív has discussed many times also,” he said.
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