Cheers to Sassy Sharon’s Diane Abbott moment!

Sassy Sharon has a Diane Abbott moment down while can-vassing down the Sp’Arch

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Diane Abbott, a well-known Labour Party Member of Parliament, apologised on Twitter after a photograph of her drinking a can of Marks and Spencer’s mojito on a train surfaced online.

Transport for London (TFL) has a no-alcohol policy and so when the photo surfaced, the Hackney representative Tweeted: “I’m sincerely sorry for drinking on TFL.”

Her social media posting did wonders for mojito sales last month – gallons of the stuff were sold out in M&S supermarkets right across England, and people started posting pictures of empty shelves where mojito cans used to be.

Galway’s Sharon Nolan had a bit of a Diane Abbott moment of her own during the recent spell of hot weather.

The Social Democrats local election candidate in the Galway City Central ward – or Sassy Sharon, as her supporters have now dubbed her – uploaded a photograph of herself smiling and holding a can of Orchard Thieves cider while sunning herself down at the Spanish Arch.

Sassy Sharon’s caption for her photograph was quite simple: “Can-vassing”.

Bushing down the Sp’Arch won’t endear her to sitting Galway City Councillors, such as Fianna Fáil’s Peter Keane, who championed bylaws to curb drinking in public places in the city. But it’ll do her no harm as she tries to corner the ‘yoof’ vote.

Meanwhile, there are as yet unconfirmed reports of a ‘rush’ on six packs of Orchard Thieves in local off-licences since Sassy Sharon’s social media postings.

More to follow . . .

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