Changes to Citroën Cactus give it more ‘normal’ look but new model retains the flair of old

The new Citroen C4 Cactus.
The new Citroen C4 Cactus.

When it comes to comfort, few car makers have the history Citroën has cultivated over the years. That fervent desire to make the journey for the driver and the passenger as comfortable as possible in a car remains the goal.

We remember the original Citroën C4 Cactus with its strange padded door-panels when it was first launched. Back then, it created a bit of a stir in the market and although it may have divided opinion, it had its fans and you see many of them on the road. Now, the second generation has arrived and will be in showrooms across Ireland on Thursday next, May 10.

With smaller, more discreet padding at the bottom of the doors, it looks a bit more like a ‘normal’ car, whatever that is. Yet, it still features a host of exterior changes that give it a wider and more substantial styling. Flair too has always been a trait of the brand, and this car will attract many buyers with its mixture of features that gives it a look unlike any other car in the sector.

There are three core trim levels to choose from – Touch, Feel and Flair – and pricing for the new C-segment hatchback starts from just €19,995.

It will come as no surprise to us all the Citroën has had a love affair with comfort over many decades, and the result of designing the new Cactus shows that the company has lost nothing in that goal.

Citroën has always focused on suspension and seating as key elements in improving ride comfort. But many of its earlier innovations in comfort can be linked directly to the more modern Citroën Advanced Comfort approach. The company has pioneered a range of comfort innovations throughout its history.

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