Call for €3m in Parkmore rates to be used to solve traffic crisis

Galway Chamber has called for the annual commercial rates income of €3 million from businesses in Parkmore to be ringfenced to fund a solution to the chronic traffic congestion in the area.

In a pre-budget submission to Galway City Council, the organisation has warned that traffic in general is “choking the economic life out of Galway”.

It has called for a ‘traffic masterplan’ for Galway to be developed in conjunction with the National Transport Authority.

The budget must be agreed and adopted by the local authority later this month.

“The issues facing our member businesses in the Parkmore Business Park and surrounding area are serious, deteriorating and are causing stress and ultimately danger to businesses and employees.

“The businesses in the area contribute an estimated €3m annually in rates to the City and County Councils and many believe that they are not receiving a satisfactory service for this.

“While the issues are many and complex, in the area of financial matters, it is our view that the significant commercial rates bill paid by Parkmore and surrounding areas businesses should be ringfenced to fund a solution to the current problems.

“90-minute delays in exiting from Parkmore are not uncommon and contribute to increased stress and anxiety to workers from communities across Galway city and county. It is critical that the situation is addressed urgently.

“Specifically, in relation to Galway City, the Chamber believes that an increased focus on job creation and enterprise is urgently required along with immediate action on Galway’s ever-worsening traffic congestion – which is having a severe adverse impact on the city’s ability to attract investment,” the submission reads.
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