Brewing up another storm!

Teresa Mannion and dancer partner John Nolan rehearsing in Galway this week. Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy.

Staying calm will be the biggest challenge for Galway resident Teresa Mannion as she takes to the stage for her first solo number on RTE’s Dancing With The Stars.

As the reporter who appeared anything but calm in her now infamous report from the Prom in Salthill during Storm Desmond a year ago – making international headlines and inspiring joke videos and even a song – Teresa will be praying for a little less drama in her live performance.

“Mainly at the moment your big fear is making a fool of yourself and being the first eliminated,” she confided.

“I’m utterly frazzled, totally fried. I’m trying to take myself down. I know the first show is over but the thought of dancing live on my own is so scary.”

This week the native of Glasnevin in Dublin returned to her home in Galway City to undergo rehearsals with dance partner John Nolan – while continuing normal duties as a TV news reporter – after a whirlwind five weeks preparing for the show.

Her first number will be a tango, danced to a weather-themed song.

“It will leave people in no doubt why I’m here. It’s tango with a bit of slapstick. I have to be very diva-like and stay in character. She’s the dominatrix so I have to ignore John,” Teresa revealed breathlessly, in between editing a package for the Six One News.

After battling breast cancer and then becoming an overnight internet sensation, Teresa found herself unable to resist the lure of a professional dance competition.

“I can’t believe how much it’s taken out of me, it’s so challenging. You have highs and lows, you have good days and bad days, it’s really intense. But it’s an amazing experience,” she exclaimed.

The experience has had another major advantage.

“I’ve lost nearly a stone and it’s only starting. It’s fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. You use every muscle and it’s not like coming out of circuit training with a big red face.”

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