Brave Giant – ambitious balanced indie quartet

Longford's Brave Giant are headng to Galway.
Longford's Brave Giant are headng to Galway.

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Hailing from Longford, Brave Giant are an ambitious indie quartet who will play Monroe’s Live next Friday, November 24. The band are Podge Gill (vocals/guitar), Mark Prunty (vocals/guitar), Ross McNerney (banjo/mandolin) and Emmett Collum on drums.

The band’s latest single, Way to Love, is accompanied by a video with a plot that includes a heist gone wrong and a love story. Their videos tend to be story-driven, as opposed to focusing on the band and they take this approach for one simple reason.

“We want to make the video stand out from everything else that’s out there,” says Podge of their latest offering.  “We want our videos to tell stories, as well as introduce ourselves.”

Comedian Joe Rooney is the star of a previous video, for The Time I Met the Devil – how did the band get in touch with the Father Ted star?

“We found out he was at one of our gigs, and he came to mind for our song,” Podge says. “It was great to have him on board for that. Before we released it, we were fairly unknown and it was great to get someone well-known into the video. His performance was brilliant, and the response we got was proof of that.”

The reaction was such that the band clocked up thousands of hits on YouTube. They’ll be hoping to build on that interest with Way to Love. How did that song come about?

“Mark wrote it, and once he brought it to us, we knew we had something to work with,” Podge says. “Once we got the end product, it was in our heads to release it. It came out exactly the way we wanted it to sound, so it was a no-brainer. We thought it was catchy and radio-friendly and it always goes down well at gigs.”

The dynamic in Brave Giant is somewhat different to that of other groups, in that there are two lead singers and each band member contributes to the songwriting process.

“Myself and Mark would be the main songwriters,” Podge says. “Ross, our banjo and mandolin player, writes as well. He wrote our song Four. It’s definitely shared, it’s a collaborative process,” he says of the work. “You come in with a song, and everyone gets involved. We like to work together, because we all have different influences. One of the lads could hear something different to the rest of us.”

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