Bradley Bytes: Ollie Crowe the DJ, Ollie Crowe, Ollie Crowe!

Will the real Ollie Crowe please stand up?

Bradley Bytes – A Sort of Political Column with Dara Bradley

When a now-retired, former Council colleague of Ollie Crowe received an email some time ago from the Fianna Fáil city councillor, he was surprised that it was signed off with a website address:
Naturally enough, the political retiree was curious, and had a gawk.
Turns out Ollie Crowe is an “up and coming DJ and music producer”, whose “unique style grows only more popular among fans, a growing collective of those who appreciate a solid house blend with a catchy beat and impressive vocals”.
Either Oliver is moonlighting as a disc jockey with the Bohermore massive, or there are two Ollie Crowes.
For those who believe there’s only one Ollie Crowe, sing it like the Saw Doctors to the sound of ‘Tommy K’: “Ollie Crowe the DJ, Ollie Crowe, Ollie Crowe!”

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