Black Gate hosts powerful singer Hege Anita Skjaervik

Hege Anita Skjaervik, a singer 'with fire in her voice'.
Hege Anita Skjaervik, a singer 'with fire in her voice'.

Jenn Grant’s excellent gig in the City’s Black Gate last week was one of the highlights of 2017 so far. Joined by two members of her band, the Canadian songwriter showed the potential of the new venue with this pared down set-up. One can only hope that the people who came to the gig will spread the word about future gigs in the Francis Street venue. The room is terrific and it’s always great to see more space being made for music. 2020 and Capital of Culture status is just two and a half years away, after all.

To paraphrase Monty Python, The Black Gate is now going for something completely different – Norwegian singer Hege Anita Skjaervik plays the venue on Wednesday, June 21. Her debut single Love Phone is currently available through on Bandcamp and from the singer’s website.

Hege lived in Dublin for ten years before moving back to Hittra, the remote Norwegian island where she grew up. She will soon be releasing her debut album, which was recorded in Dublin. It was co-produced by pianist and arranger Josh Johnston, whose considerable skills on the ivories will be known to anyone who has seen Birr songwriter Roesy live.

Hege’s voice is powerful – if you like singers with fire in their voice, then this gig is worth a look and a listen.

■ Doors 8.30pm, tickets €8.