Benefit performance of ‘The Exonerated’ to support Connemara’s Sunny Center

The play ‘The Exonerated’, about six people who were exonerated from death row in the USA, will be staged at Galway’s Town Hall Theatre this Sunday, November 19 at 3pm.

It’s special benefit performance for the Sunny Center, which is located near Oughterard and operates as a centre for exonerees from around the globe

Described by Variety magazine “an artful and moving evening of documentary theatre”, this is the first time The Exonerated will be staged in Galway.

It will feature Sunny Jacobs, an American death row exoneree who will be playing herself, alongside her husband, Peter Pringle.

Sunny Jacobs served 17 years in prison in Florida before being released. Dublin-born Peter Pringle was one of three men convicted of murdering two Gardaí in 1980 – a capital crime for which the sentence was death. The following year, his sentence was commuted to 40 years in prison. Peter Pringle later appealed his conviction and, in 1995, his appeal succeeded on the grounds that the conviction was unsafe.

In The Exonerated, he will play Gary Gauger, who wrongfully convicted of murdering his parents and sentenced to be executed.

The Sunny Center was co-founded in 2015 by Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle as a haven for exonerees from around the globe..

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