Barna to Moycullen road closes again as gorse fire flares up

Galway bay fm newsroom:
Emergency services have been forced to close the Barna to Moycullen road again as a gorse fire has reignited in the Truskey West area.
It’s the latest in a series of flare-ups that have seen the road closed several times in recent days.
Niamh Delmer has more details:
At around half past 3 this afternoon, several units of Galway Fire Brigade returned to the scene of a gorse fire a mile or two north of Barna.
It’s the latest in a series of flare-ups that have affected the site since a major blaze erupted near the village on Tuesday.
While the fire was contained earlier this week, fire crews say difficult conditions make it extremely challenging to fully extinguish the fire.
As a result, there’s been a series of re-ignitions and flare-ups since Tuesday that have seen the Barna to Moycullen road closed a number of times.
The road is now closed again this evening to facilities emergency services and motorists are once again advised to avoid the area if possible.
Heavy smoke is present in the area and local residents are being advised to close their windows and doors while the incident is being dealt with.
However, emergency services say there is no current threat to commercial property or residential areas.