Appeal to dog owners after South Galway sheep deaths


ANOTHER appeal has been made to dog owners to keep their animals under control at all times – and especially at night – following a series of attacks in the South Galway area over recent days.

Two farmers in the Peterswell and Castledaly area suffered losses over the weekend when their flocks of ewes and lambs were attacked by dogs.

This week, South Galway IFA Chairman, Pat Murphy, urged all dog owners to make a special effort to keep their pets under control and locked up at night.

“Dogs like this will attack again and I think if the owners saw at first hand the suffering that their pets inflict on sheep, then they would think twice before letting them roam free.

“The quietest family pet can turn into a killer especially when teaming up with other dogs – the cruelty and suffering they inflict on sheep is truly sickening,” said Pat Murphy.

He also pointed out that dog owners whose pets were found to be involved in the attack could face serious bills for the losses suffered by farmers and for the veterinary bills incurred.

“Despite all the warnings that have been given there are a small number of irresponsible dog owners who do not keep their animals under control.

“There are proposals for the micro-chipping of dogs but regardless of that, the one thing that would make a massive difference is for dog owners to ensure that they keep their pets secure at all times,” said Pat Murphy.