Anti-snoring pillow can help to curtail those waking hours

Dave O'Connell

A Different View with Dave O’Connell

There’s a new pillow on the market that guarantees to cure snoring – and the good news is that you don’t have to place it firmly over your partner’s head for it to work.

Because there are few phenomena in life that ruin your night – and thus turn your next day into something of a dull fugue – than the sound of a machine gun emanating from the person you choose to lie down beside when the lights go out.

It happens to almost everyone after a night out, but that’s fine if both parties are snoring in slumber land; it becomes an issue when one hits the Land of Nod first to leave the other half praying to St Christopher to help them find some sleep.

There are couples who have tried everything to abate the nasal noise – mouth-guards, nose-clips, ear-muffs, noise-cancelling headphones, tiny electric shocks, snoring monitors, pulse detectors, rings, bracelets. . . anything is worth trying for those who want to dream of nothing more a solid sleep.

Snorers aren’t allowed tea or coffee in the hour before sleep; no wine or beer within a million miles of bedtime; no sleeping on their backs; bedding down on enough pillows to have you closer to sitting up straight than lying down.

But once sleep sets in and the nasal passages open and close like tiny but deafening foghorns, the best-laid plans of wife and man can hit the buffers – or at least they did until now.

This new high-tech pillow apparently cancels out the sound of a snorer by offering noise-reduction facilities similar to those found in industrial ear defenders.

Researchers believe that this could benefit the million all around the world who suffer the snoring in silence — noise levels that have been scientifically compared to sleeping beside a coffee grinder.

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