An ode of sorts to horn honkers and undertakers

Country Living with Francis Farragher

As we move through second week of January and at last there’s an extra chink of light returning to the mornings and the evenings, it’s time to Part 2 of my alphabetical guide to the year ahead. Terms and conditions apply while any advice taken is solely at the reader’s risk.

N is for the no word, when here and there, despite your normally obliging nature, you are not in a position to provide the service that’s required. The no word can be delivered politely, and quietly but assertively. An early ‘no’ can often be the best answer in the end.

O is for all the obstreperous people on the planet whether it be Donal Trump throwing another of this temper tantrums or the local know-all in the hostelry down the road who can solve the woes of village and country after a few pints of plain.

P is for presidents, prime ministers and politicians who promise to change the ways of the world overnight even though they know in their heart and souls, that the old order will inevitably prevail and the civil servants will tell them what to do.

Q is for all of us members of the public and proletariat to question people when we’re unsure as to whether we’ve been overcharged in a shop, hotel or restaurant. It’s never any harm to ask and if the mistake is yours, well then so be it. But don’t be saying a day later: “Gee, I should have questioned that.”

R is for all our lovely rainy days that we normally get in Ireland (apart that is from the Summer gone by) that keep our fields and gardens so green and full of fertility. Without this regular supply of the ‘wet stuff’ we’d be living in a parched and barren land. But well still ‘take’ another good Summer!

S is for the seagulls of this world and more especially for the colony that inhabit the chimney pots of the inner city chattering away at a rate of knots day-in and day-out. It’s like an annual reunion of a clan except that it takes place every day. Their ‘bombing’ expeditions can also do a lot of damage but yet their cacophonous cackles are an intrinsic part of Galway.

For more, read this week’s Connacht Tribune.

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