An Bord Pleanála put ring road plan under microscope

The tunnel part of the ring road under Lackagh Quarry: An Bord Pleanála has sought clarification on blasting.

Galway City Tribune – An Bord Pleanála has sought more information about the “likely effects on the environment” of the proposed Galway City Ring Road – a move that could significantly delay the project, and possibly scupper it altogether.

The planning authority has asked for more clarity about the impact the road will have on bats, birds, vegetation and limestone rock in the Lough Corrib Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Proponents of the new road have also been asked to explain why they have submitted information with the planning application, in relation to birds, that is thirteen years old.

They’ve been asked then to justify why they used 2012 traffic assessments, given “the population and economic changes in the intervening years”, and asked if “more recent traffic survey data” was available.

They’ve also been asked to clarify “contradictory” information submitted with the planning application.

The request for more information from Galway County Council, the lead agency in driving the project forward, has led to concerns the ring road scheme (commonly referred to as the ‘bypass’) could be delayed significantly.

In a seven-page letter to the Council, Kieran Somers, executive officer at An Bord Pleanála, has requested a whole raft of additional information about the planned road. The Council has been given until the end of May to respond.
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