Acclaimed new single draws inspiration from women’s rights

Laoise Nolan: "it was everything I wanted to say for so long."

A Galway native and rising star on the music scene has drawn inspiration for her new release from the trials that face young women – a subject she feels so passionately about that the lyrics just flowed onto paper in 20 minutes.

‘Again’ – the latest release from the singer known simply as Laoise – chronicles the trials and tribulations of toxic relationships and the ever-increasing challenges facing young women in Irish society.

And Laoise herself says that, while trying to address the whole area of women’s rights was at first a source of frustration, once the thought process kicked in, the feelings just poured out.

“I’m very excited about this track; I think it is the best I have written so far,” says the Galway city singer.

“I was finding it very difficult to write at the start of the year with everything being said about women’s rights and issues in the news, some horrible things were said,” she admits.

But then, once Laoise got started, she says the song almost wrote itself.

“It took me about 20 minutes to write the words to the song, it just came flowing out, it was everything I wanted to say for so long,” she reveals.

The 21 year old – now based in Dublin – wrote and produced her most recent track along with fellow songwriters Richey McCourt and Sean Behan – and it has already attracted an extremely positive response since it was released last week.

“Both Richey and Sean were a massive part of the project, they introduced a whole new breath of air,” she says.

Laoise herself makes sure she is heavily involved in all aspects of the music process – and she credits her broad taste in music for her unique sound.

She specifically garners her influences from a wide range of genres like classical, traditional and eighties pop music.

“My whole family is very musical; they introduced me to the likes of Bowie and Kate Bush, who deeply inspire my music today,” she says.

Laoise [Nolan] has played the fiddle since she was six and she is self-taught in both piano and guitar.

When asked if the fiddle would be making an appearance on any of her upcoming tracks, she did not rule it out of the question.

“I don’t see it happening right now but I am open to it in the future, never say never,” she adds.

Her ‘Again’ tour kicks off on November 23 in Cork’s Cyprus Avenue and then it is off to Dublin for a performance in the Grand Social the following day.

And Laoise makes her homecoming to Galway on December 14 for what should be a great night at the Róisín Dubh.