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7th Count Gort-Kinvara: Kinane elected

Dave O'Connell




Gort Kinvara First Count
Electorate 17,335
Seats 5
Total Poll 10,335
Spoiled votes 178
Valid Poll 10,157
Quota 1,693

Joe Byrne (FG) 2,751 ELECTED
PJ Murphy (FG) 1,615
Martina Kinnane (FF) 1,479
Gerry Finnerty (FF) 818
Kevin Fahey (FF) 812
Fionn Kiely ( FG) 597
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) 537
Cormac Mac Gowan (I4C) 429
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) 407
Declan Diviney (Ind) 390
Emma O’Connell (Renua) 322


Second Count
PJ Murphy (FG) 1,615 (+281) 1,896
Martina Kinnane (FF) 1,479 (+76) 1,555
Gerry Finnerty (FF) 818 (+150) 968
Kevin Fahey (FF) 812 (+109) 921
Fionn Kiely ( FG) 597 (+139) 736
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) 537 (+86) 623
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) 407 (+74) 481
Declan Diviney (Ind) 390 (+73) 463
Cormac Mac Gowan (I4C) 429 (+32) 461
Emma O’Connell (Renua) 322 (+38) 360


Third Count
Distribution of Murphy’s surplus votes

Martina Kinnane (FF) 1,555 (+14) 1,569
Gerry Finnerty (FF) 968 (+28) 996
Kevin Fahey (FF) 921 (+14) 935
Fionn Kiely ( FG) 736 (+84) 820
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) 623 (+19) 642
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) 481 (+14) 495
Declan Diviney (Ind) 463 (+11) 474
Cormac Mac Gowan (I4C) 461 (+5) 466
Emma O’Connell (Renua) 360 (+14) 374

O’Connell eliminated

Fourth Count
Distribution of O’Connell’s votes

Martina Kinnane (FF) 1,569 (+50) 1,619
Gerry Finnerty (FF) 996 (+20) 1,016
Kevin Fahey (FF) 935 (+25) 960
Fionn Kiely ( FG) 820 (+26) 846
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) 642 (+48) 690
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) 495 (+62) 557
Cormac Mac Gowan (I4C) 466 (+49) 515
Declan Diviney (Ind) 474 (+27) 501

Diviney eliminated

Fifth Count

Martina Kinnane (FF) 1,619 (+12) 1,631
Gerry Finnerty (FF) 1,016 (+125) 1,141
Kevin Fahey (FF) 960 (+76) 1,036
Fionn Kiely ( FG) 846 (+27) 873
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) 690 (+87) 777
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) 557 (+59) 616
Cormac Mac Gowan (I4C) 515 (+31) 546

Mac Gowan eliminated

Sixth Count
(Distribution of McGowan’s vote)

Martina Kinnane (FF) (+49) 1,680
Gerry Finnerty (FF) (+12) 1,153
Kevin Fahey (FF) (+18) 1,054
Fionn Kiely ( FG) (+67) 940
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) (+132) 909
Hubert Geoghegan (Ind) (+86) 702
Geoghegan eliminated

Seventh Count
(Distribution of Geoghegan’s vote)
Martina Kinnane (FF) (+56) 1,736
Gerry Finnerty (FF) (+108) 1,262
Kevin Fahey (FF) (+108) 1,163
Geraldine Donohue (Ind) (+186) 1,095
Fionn Kiely ( FG) (+54) 994
Kinnane elected
Kiely eliminated

Connacht Tribune

Public auction of Castlesampson farm with c.143 acres




Connaughton Auctioneers are handling the sale of a c.143.40 acre farm located at Corraree and Ballygatta, Castlesampson, just 9km from Athlone/ M6 Motorway and 15km from Ballinasloe Town.

Located in a renowned farming district, the property has an extensive range of modern farm buildings including five-bay single slatted with lay back, three bay double bay slatted, covered yard with crush, two-bay double slatted, three-bay double flat shed and three-bay single flat shed with an overall area of c.10,274 sq. ft.

The lands are being offered for sale in four lots, Lot 1: c.77.77 acres with the farm buildings mentioned above, Lot 2: c.52.43 acres, Lot 3: c.13.20 acres and Lot 4: The entire property c.143.30 Acres with farm buildings. With a public road passing through the farm, there is extensive road frontage to an area of c.2,500 metres thereby holding huge potential for building sites in the future.

The property comes with mains connections to electricity and water and includes overall c.55.07 entitlements included in the sale.

Auctioneer for the sale, Ivan Connaughton stated: “This is a fine farm to come on the open market. The large investment in the ultra-modern farm buildings by the current owners together with an extensive holding of top-quality agricultural lands has attracted interest from both near and far.

The potential for transformation into dairy or usage as a large feed lot has attracted additional interest. Its location in a renowned farming district and conveniently situated close to the Galway/ Dublin M6 Motorway is a major advantage. The farm entitlements that total c.€21,000 per annum are included in the sale and has received a positive response from interested parties to date. I encourage any interested party to contact our office on 090-6663700 for further information and viewing”

The Public Auction is being held in Gullane’s Hotel, Ballinasloe on Friday August 30th at 4.00pm. All are welcome to attend. All legal enquiries can be made to solicitor for the carriage of sale, Hayden & Co. Solicitors, Athlone Tel: 090-6470622

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Connacht Tribune

Offering a lifeline to people affected by cancer

Denise McNamara



Lifestyle – The Daffodil Centre at UHG which is celebrating its 10th anniversary has given practical and moral support to thousands of cancer patients and their family members since the Irish Cancer Society set it up as a pilot project. DENISE MCNAMARA hears one man’s story of its role in his recovery.

When Alan Rushe began to feel cramps in his stomach, he did not hesitate in attending his local doctor.

His GP asked if he had ever suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As he had been diagnosed with the condition when he was younger, he was prescribed tablets for that and told to see how they worked.

Six days later, Alan’s condition hadn’t improved so his GP referred him for a colonoscopy. When the invasive test revealed he had colon cancer he was operated on within ten days. Two months later he was started on six months of chemotherapy, getting treatment once every fortnight.

When he was coming to the end of the treatment, Alan found himself in a bind.

He wanted reassurance about what to expect as the chemicals left his body but the doctors and nurses in the oncology ward were far too busy to give him the time he needed to sit and chat.

“One of the things about having cancer, your whole life becomes obsessed with your problem and how you’re dealing with it,” Alan reflects.

“Suddenly you’re coming to the end of chemo and you find yourself in a very strange place; you are in a vacuum. You might be told things by different doctors and nurses but you haven’t taken it in.

“You can’t just drop back into the ward, yet you want to talk to people who know all there is to know about your type of cancer.”

He was advised to go to the Daffodil Centre in University Hospital Galway (UHG), which is run by the Irish Cancer Society to seek further information.

There he found oncology nurse Fionnuala Creighton who manages the Galway Daffodil Centre. She sat down with Alan and gave him the time to answer the myriad of questions that were swirling around his mind.

“She gave me all this information about what to expect when chemo is leaving the body, how it would affect me. She gave me information leaflets and told me about services that are available, such as exercise classes in Cancer Care West,” he explains.

The Daffodil Centre at UHG began as a pilot project for the Irish Cancer Society a decade ago this month.

Aileen McHale, who is now Cancer Information Services Manager with the Irish Cancer Society, was the first nurse to work there.

“We wanted to set up a designated cancer centre in a hospital to provide information to the patient, relatives and general public at the point of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up,” she explains. “I was involved in the setting up and running it and, from the beginning one of my roles was recruiting and training a group of volunteers who would help me in the running of the centre.

For more, read this week’s Connacht Tribune.

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Hanley’s high-quality minors break new ground in great style

John McIntyre



Galway 3-14

Kilkenny 0-12

HURLING history was made much easier than expected at Croke Park last Sunday when Galway claimed a third consecutive All-Ireland minor hurling title for the first time ever.

As it transpired, this repeat of last year’s championship decider was a no-contest. Galway were so superior it made a nonsense of the conventional theory that the more games a team plays, they better they should become.

This may have been Kilkenny’s eighth match of a protracted campaign, but it was undoubtedly their worst display in falling to a heavy 11-point defeat. The young Cats were almost too bad to be true and their tame challenge faded completely after the break.

Though Kilkenny’s poverty considerably eased the task of the defending champions, the manner in which Galway went about their business was still impressive. Their overall skills set was in a different league, while their big-match temperament also stood them in good stead.

Having to beat the same team twice in the same championship can be problematic and although only three points had separated Sunday’s protagonists in the quarter-final round-robin series a few weeks ago, there was little or no drama in the championship’s defining battle such was the gulf in standard.

Not alone were Galway completing a notable three-in-a-row, but this was also the fourth time in the last five years that the Irish Press Cup has returned west, while the county has now captured eight of the last 16 All-Ireland minor titles.

This is an exceptional feat by any standards and new Galway manager Brian Hanley has clearly followed in the footsteps of his successful predecessor, Jeffrey Lynskey, in recognising young talent and then shaping them into a formidable team.

Galway are now the undisputed brand leaders at minor level and while the failure to translate this dominance to greater success in senior ranks remains a deep source of frustration, this week in not the time to be looking at the wider picture.

For more, read this week’s Connacht Tribune.

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