3rd Count Tuam

The third count in the Tuam electoral area has been completed and this was the elimination of the lowest candidates Thomas Niland and Dermot Ryan.
It followed the second count which was the distribution of Cllr Pete Roche’s surplus of 573. Neither put any of the other candidates close to the quota.
But at this stage, it looks as if both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will win three seats apiece with the remaining seat involving FF and an independent candidate.
It appears that independent Cllr Karey McHugh could be battling it out with former Labour TD and now with Fianna Fáil, Colm Keaveney, for that last seat. But it is still a long way off.
Counting is continuing with the distribution of Stiofan O’Dalaigh (SF) and Martin Ward’s (Aontu) votes as these have both been eliminated. The results of the 4th count are expected shortly

Number of seats: 7
Electorate: 25,125
Total poll: 15,067
Spoiled votes: 213
Total valid poll: 14,854
Quota: 1,857

First count
Pete Roche (FG) 2,430
Joe Sheridan (FF) 1,544
Donagh Killilea (FF) 1,521
Mary Hoade (FF) 1,455
Andrew Reddington (FG) 1,389
Tom McHugh (FG) 1,258
Colm Keaveney (FF) 1,219
Billy Connelly (Ind) 1,118
Karey McHugh (Ind) 929
Shaun Cunniffe (Ind) 862
Martin Ward (Aontu) 467
Stiofan O Dalaigh (SF) 403
Thomas Niland (Ind) 241
Dermot Ryan (Ind) 18
Roche elected

Second count
Distribution of Roche’s surplus
Donagh Killilea (FF) +86 1,607
Joe Sheridan (FF) +44, 1,588
Mary Hoade (FF) +32 1,487
Andrew Reddington (FG) +60 1,449
Tom McHugh (FG) +118 1,376
Colm Keaveney (FF) +52 1,271
Billy Connelly (Ind) +34 1,152
Karey McHugh (Ind) +91 1,020
Shaun Cunniffe (Ind) +24 886
Martin Ward (Aontu) +10 477
Stiofan O Dalaigh (SF) +11 414
Thomas Niland (Ind) +10 251
Dermot Ryan (Ind) +1 19
Ryan and Niland eliminated.

Third count
Distribution of Ryan’s and Niland’s votes
Donagh Killilea (FF) +29 1,636
Joe Sheridan (FF) +14 1602
Mary Hoade (FF) +4 1,492
Andrew Reddington (FG) +5 1,454
Tom McHugh (FG) +18 1,394
Colm Keaveney (FF) +26 1,297
Billy Connelly (Ind) +13 1,165
Karey McHugh (Ind) +47 1,067
Shaun Cunniffe (Ind) +49 935
Martin Ward (Aontu) +14 491
Stiofan O Dalaigh (SF) +24 438
O Dalaigh and Ward eliminated