Green and white soiling of Republican Liam Mellows

The soiled statue of Liam Mellows in Eyre Square

Bradley Bytes – A sort of political column 

It’s more than two years now, since our political leaders were tripping over themselves to commemorate the centenary of 1916 Easter Rising. Proper order, too.

But, here in Galway, why do the authorities at City Hall, and local elected representatives, continue to ignore the leader of the Rising in Galway, Liam Mellows, who became a TD in Galway East in 1918?

Mellows is a significant political and historical figure in Galway city and county, and a statue celebrating his life should stand proudly in Eyre Square.

Except it doesn’t. Instead it’s in an appalling state, riddled with bird droppings, and unsightly mould, with litter often strewn at its feet.

You could argue the dirt that soils the statute has a distinctly Republican flavour – white bird droppings and green mould – but that shouldn’t stop a regular cleaning regime of the statute from being put in place.

Galway City Council must put it on their New Year ‘to do’ list, or maybe those politicians who wrap themselves in a tricolour when it suits them, could get the scrubbers out.


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