If you’re feeling confused, read despots for dummies!

Charlie Adley
Charlie Adley

We all might be dead by the time you read this.  “Aha!” you say, “You’re wrong there, because if I’m dead I can’t be reading anything at all!”

That just shows you’re confused. Anything is possible in our new world, where facts are the things on Facebook you agree with and truth is whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused about the international situation. We’re all mixed up and muddled over what the hell is happening. Sitting down for my pub breakfast last Saturday, I glanced at the paper to discover that China had all of a sudden become the voice of reason.

“Beijing warns there can be no winners in conflict.” screamed the headline in The Guardian. Would this be the same China that’s building vast artificial islands in the South China Sea, closing in on Taiwan?

Don’t feed your confusion by trying to make sense of what’s going on. Don’t start to doubt what you know. Don’t consider anyone a smidgeon more worthy of respect because they have used weapons of mass destruction.

Don’t confuse respect with fear.

Just accept that you should be confused right now. If you weren’t, that’d be something to worry about. Be confused but fear nothing.

It’s as easy to laugh at the Leader as it is to underestimate him, so neither visualise him as a Simpson’s character (oops, too late!) nor as Joseph Stalin. Is this ‘At Home With the Kardashians and Their Nuclear Missiles’ or a dangerous man consolidating his position?

Breathe. Trust your human instincts. The Leader is what he is, and you and I know pretty well at what level his good ship intelligence floats around in his head puddle.

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