Tuam business group aims to bolster local economy

Tuam: economic planning.

A business representative group from Tuam is to meet with senior Galway County Council officials next week in an effort to reignite economic development in the town.

One of the main aims of the meeting will be to address the number of boarded-up shops, pubs and businesses in and around the town.

The four-person delegation will meet senior Council officials along with the nine elected members of Tuam Municipal Council on Monday afternoon – with the economic situation in Tuam high on the agenda.

It is also expected that the suggested walking and cycling greenway between Athenry and Tuam with those on the deputation expected to highlight its economic potential.

The business representatives are anxious to seek the support of Galway County Council when it comes to investment in the town – they will also be asking officials to liaise with the IDA when it comes to job creation in Tuam.

Officials will also be asked to determine the status of more than 30 vacant properties in the town and particularly those around The Square where some have fell into a seriously dilapidated state.

The meeting has been facilitated by Chairman of Tuam Municipal Council, Cllr Donagh Killilea who said that he welcomed the deputation and understands that they will be discussing the economic potential that the town has to offer.

“I have been approached by several members of the business community in Tuam, who have the economic interests of the town at heart and who are anxious to meet with senior officials to discuss future possibilities.

“They are interested in job creation, the possibility of attracting more industry to the town and they are also anxious to liaise with the IDA in the hope of developing their extensive lands that they have in Tuam,” Cllr Killilea said.

It is understood that the deputation will also raise the matter of the suggested greenway along the Western Rail Corridor between Tuam and Athenry and the potential benefits it could have for the business communities in both towns.

In fact the issue of the greenway is to come before a meeting of Galway County Council in two weeks’ time when there will be a motion asking the local authority to seek funding for a feasibility study to be carried out on such a facility.

A similar motion came before the Council earlier in the year which resulted in 16 councillors voting for the feasibility study and 16 voting against. The motion was defeated on the casting vote of the then Cathaoirleach of Galway County Council, Cllr Michael Connolly who is vehemently opposed to the railway line being used as a greenway.

It is understood that some of those councillors who voted against the motion have had a change of heart and there are high hopes amongst the greenway campaigners that it might succeed on this occasion.