Toyota set the standard in design, performance and styling in new model

The new-look Toyota Yaris.
The new-look Toyota Yaris.

Toyota has a knack of significantly improving their cars from one model to the next far more substantially than is the norm. It is one of the things that marks the brand out as being in touch with their customers and not being afraid to give them what they want.

Over the years, the Yaris has been a true favourite here in Ireland and is just one of the cars that has kept Toyota at the top of the sales charts over the years. In Ireland, after the Ford Fiesta, Yaris is the next most popular model in the B segment with 14% market share.

True to form, the new Yaris shows another host of significant improvements to the outgoing model in terms of design, performance and styling. In all, there are over 900 new parts as distinct from the car that it replaces and a total of €90 million has been spent on its development.

It is available in five grade options; Terra, Aura, Luna, Luna Sport and Sol – four of which, uniquely for the B segment, are all also available in hybrid. Indeed, Toyota have been the pioneers of Hybrid cars and Hybrid now accounts for more than 35% of Yaris sales in Ireland.

Toyota designers are pretty pleased with their end product here and say that the new Yaris makes a stronger style statement, displaying new front and rear designs that give the car a stronger harmony of design and a more active and dynamic look. The appearance is also more refined, with detailing in the bodywork and the cabin and new colour choices that enhance the model’s already high levels of perceived quality.

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