Being out of touch could be great for your health

Dave O'Connell
Dave O'Connell

A Different View with Dave O’Connell

It can be difficult not to in a world of technology that means you’re always at the end of a phone – but you should be warned; taking your work home with you can be very bad for your health.

This is great news of course for those who don’t even give a second’s thought to work once they walk out the door of the office – but actually it turns out they may have had it right all along.

Because a survey of workers in London’s financial sector found that working all hours was making home even more stressful than the office – because the notion of being ‘on’ all the time increased the potential for a heart attack.

The problem for more than half of the City workers surveyed was that they were more stressed at home than at work – because they were trying to act as if they were off-duty while surreptitiously thinking about their jobs.

The other problem with taking your work home with you, of course, is that those around you are entitled to expect your interaction and attention once you come through the hall door – not a constant checking on work emails when you’re supposed to be listening to what happened at school.

I’ve never favoured working from home for any number of reasons – firstly, the working day is long enough without extending it into the night. If there is work to be finished, I’d prefer to stay on and finish it so that when I leave the desk, the rest of the night is my own.

The other reason is that, the few times I’ve tried it, I’ve found it impossible to get into a work mentality in a place I associate with downtime.

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