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Learn how to use the tools of the craft of writing

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It was the most bizarre coincidence. The acclaimed Israeli writer Iris Leal had somehow found her way into my...

The night and day are at last one again – Hallelujah!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley And so, the night and day are one again. Hallelujah! Growing up in London I was aware of the...

A rare diamond: Mark Logan is deeply missed

There was such a power to the man, it’s difficult to believe he’s gone. Mark Logan and I were not best friends. We would...

The time has finally come to make my religious confession

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It’s time for a confession. Something happened to me, and I’m about to share it with you. If that...

Are whistleblowers our 21st century folk heroes?

In the hope that I might make them proud, my parents sent me to a distant private school. The one thing they never considered...

Usually I’m the last one to be depressed

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The most startling aspect of my depression is my ability to deny it. When I’m not depressed, which thankfully...


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