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Why do some women seem to act like sexist men?

When my friend and teacher Iris Leal read the manuscript of my most recent novel, she said she felt it was a little misogynistic....

The unwelcome return of Ann D’Another Thing!

Back in Galway at the end of a recent marathon of trips to England, and I’m tired. Dripping dribble tired. Deflated-balloon-sculpture-held-together-by-chewing-gum tired. ...

I remember I went to Glastonbury, but that’s all!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley After reading Denise McNamara’s excellent piece in the Tribune’s The Look magazine recently about her experience of the Electric...

Has this London boy finally become a culchie?

Double Vision by Charlie Adley Last Friday evening I rolled down the blinds in my living room to block out the blazing sunshine, so...

Droplets of bigotry turn into rivers of blood!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley In my mind I see a vast flood delta being fed by streams and rivers, small and vast, flowing...

I can’t use my credit card but thieves can!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley A month ago I wrote a piece concerning my credit card, but you never saw it, because at the...


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