There’s nothing wrong with negative thinking!

Why on earth do we expect our brains to work perfectly? If you bang your knee on the corner of the bed it hurts like hell, swells up and a few days later a...

Laboured Galway just about get away with poor effort

Inside Track with John McIntyre YOU’D just wonder did the Galway senior hurling team management take their eye off the ball in the build up to last Sunday’s Leinster semi-final against Portlaoise? Fighting an...

Nolan stokes up the fire to keep John McGuinness controversy rumbling on

Political World with Harry McGee Just when we thought the John McGuinness story had finally run out of fuel Derek Nolan threw another tenner's worth of petrol into the tank to give it a...

Cute Kerry boys will always take some beating

A Different View with Dave O'Connell ‘Kerry urges Nigeria to respect human rights as it pursues Islamist militants’ exclaimed the headline on the report by Associated Press – well, the Skibbereen Eagle keeping an...

Flush Frankeen digs deep for show of flower power

Bradley Bytes - a sort of  political  column by  Dara Bradley Auction politics: Frank Fahy, the Fine Gael city councillor, raised the bar on it recently when he revealed he had to flash the...

Ciara keeps teenagers on straight and narrow

City Lives - Garda Juvenile Liaison Officer Ciara  Moran talks to Denise McNamara At certain times of the year there is a spike in petty crime, road traffic and public order offences. These can...


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