Life is so easy when everyone else is wrong!

Dear Mum, I know it's a while ago now, but I’m sorry that I argued with you. I felt terrible as soon as I put the phone down, and even though we speak nearly...

Top Galway road runner is still pounding out the miles

Talking Sport with Stephen Glennon THIS Sunday, the ‘prodigal son’ of Connacht athletics will make its return when the resurrected AAI Connacht 10km Road Race Championships takes place around Ballybrit Racecourse – service road...

Walsh shows depth of his convictions – but what price will he pay...

Brian Walsh is under absolutely no illusion about the repercussions of the political bombshell he delivered on Monday morning when he became the first TD to state in public that he will not support...

Ireland’s mixed messages when it comes to Old Britannia

There could be no clearer illustration of our ambivalence towards our nearest neighbours than the General Election of 1997 and the contrasting attitudes of the good people of Donegal. Back in...

A friendly finish for Cúirt Festival of Literature!

In the course of my travels I’ve lost count of the number of bars in which I’ve sat, alone and happy, staring at a bunch of blokes having an uproariously good time. Alongside singular...

Hypnosis helping sportspeople to reach full potential

MENTION hypnosis to some and they think of the pendulum or pocket watch on the end of a chain, swinging rhythmically, lulling the subject into a blissful state of unconsciousness. It’s a cliché that...


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