Do the hokey pokey – that’s what it’s all about!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Oh Adley, you silly beast. What on earth made you think you could make plans? Life happens: majestic, terrible and ecstatic, pushing far beyond the cosy confines of plans....

Relaxing into the luxury of a break in La La Land

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Sometimes an ill wind blows bringing sad news, but then the clouds part and an opportunity to grasp life emerges. Sometimes I grasp those opportunities just a little too...

Look at Wayne Rooney! Oh no, do I have to

My good friend The Body takes much pleasure in trying to wind me up about the Irish names of English celebrities. “Take a look at your so-called English rock ‘n’ roll...

Out of touch and offline in the summer rain!

“... and that way you can be sure you’re safe!” … and so ends an advert on the telly for some kind of computer safety software, or was it a device, or an app...

The Galway Races: immoral and magnificent at the same time!

What’s a fella to do, as the song says. The thunder clouds roll in and it’s sweaty and the flies are out and it’s been another Race Week. To be honest,...

It’s time to celebrate my Annual HeadFest!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Drowning in Galway’s annual torrent of festivals celebrating film, the arts, poker and horse racing, I pack Blue Bag and head northwest, to celebrate Charlie’s Annual HeadFest. ...


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