Please come and prove me wrong once again, Jose!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley You might think that after winning eleven trophies in the ten years since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC, I’d be a happy fan. There are football teams all over...

I can’t use my credit card but thieves can!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley A month ago I wrote a piece concerning my credit card, but you never saw it, because at the moment I finished writing it, the story continued in a...

Life is so easy when everyone else is wrong!

Dear Mum, I know it's a while ago now, but I’m sorry that I argued with you. I felt terrible as soon as I put the phone down, and even though we speak nearly...

A friendly finish for Cúirt Festival of Literature!

In the course of my travels I’ve lost count of the number of bars in which I’ve sat, alone and happy, staring at a bunch of blokes having an uproariously good time. Alongside singular...

Thirty years on, I’m still loath to mention her name!

I tried not to write about her. You’ve all read, heard and seen so much about the woman, you doubtless need a break. But I can’t help it. Thirty years later...

This hi-tech West of Ireland just makes my day!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley People talk of the past as if it were always better, but sometimes the present is pretty ring-a-ding-ding. On Monday, I was absentmindedly rifling through my wallet, half-heartedly hoping...


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