Galway’s leaders need to break bread and talk!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The way both Galway City and County Councils react to cars serves as a metaphor for much that is wrong with the modern world. They say it’s integrated but...

I love the sounds and silences of Galway!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Driving home from town last Wednesday, I had a bit of a moment. Summer just didn’t want to leave. The car windows were open, wafting me in a balmy...

The Seanad is broken, so you have to fix it!

Double Vision by Charlie Adley When politicians rush to destroy something, I become suspicious. When they want to destroy a democratic institution, I become fearful. Although it’s something of a stretch to describe today’s...

Newspapers make me happy, sad and insane!

Apparently, if you’re under 25 years of age, you rarely, if ever, buy newspapers, preferring either to read them online or just watch the TV news.   What a world you...

There’s sense to be found in nature’s symmetry!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The swallows are still here, but not for long. They’re waiting for the right wind to blow and carry them away towards Africa. I wonder which way they’ll go:...

The betrayal of the cursed Bayern beer bottle!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I can’t afford Sky Sports, so any live football involving either Chelsea or England on terrestrial TV is a source of excitement in this house, as well as a...


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