Charlie Adley

All the time in the world for my lovely nieces!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley My nieces hold a very special place in my heart. To be honest, they’ve been a constant source of joy ever since they were born, and now, as Hayley turns...
Charlie Adley

This week sees grumbling all over Ireland!

Double Vision That was the news. Now over to Charlie for today’s grumbling forecast.” (Lyrical violins play during footage of long grasses swaying at ground level. Focus switches to reveal two men standing by a...
Charlie Adley

Ghosts in Galway pubs are yours and mine!

Ghosts come in many forms and some of mine are pubs. Sometimes you can’t see or feel the ghosts, but they are there. When you’re pumped up for an exciting night out, filled with...
Charlie Adley

Fresh off the boat to watch the Galway Races!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley 1992 was the end of England life. The end of a long-dead obsessive love affair that had sent me crazy twice. The end of a major piece of work that...
Charlie Adley

It takes a year to slow down and see the world!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Last week I felt a strong urge to visit an old friend of mine, someone I haven’t been in a long time. No, that wasn’t a spelling mistake. Said friend...
Charlie Adley

When being served be kind, human, generous

Double Vision with Charlie Adley “Bloomin’ eck, is it just me, or are these desserts taking a long time? I mean, the mains came really quickly, but we’ve been waiting ages for dessert. It’s been...


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