Charlie Adley

The year just flu in – with three viruses!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Holy bloated bedbugs, Batman! I’m not under the duvet, I’m slammed against the mattress. Thankfully it has been  ages since the flu and I met up, so I’d    forgotten how...
Charlie Adley

Let’s start 2018 with a beauty of a breakfast!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley There’s no better way to start the day and this New Year than with a fine breakfast, and I’m not talking about a healthy breakfast. Much as I love my...
Charlie Adley

Don’t buy a dog – but buy a dog a home!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley There’s a parcel for you in the newsroom. Will I send it to you?” “No, thanks, I’m in town on Monday. I’ll pick it up.” Hmmm, wonder what that is....
Charlie Adley

Why do I love the people here in the west?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Welcome aboard Adley Airways flight 202 from Londoner to Chilled-Out Scribbler. We’ll be departing from Terminal Stress and today’s flight time to our arrival at Not Very International Airport will...
Charlie Adley

Would life be destressed if we fought lions?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley In case you were wondering, I only squeezed another 24 hours out of my manic upswing, beyond the writing of last week’s colyoom. As predicted, a comedown arrived, accompanied by...
Charlie Adley

I have to let rip during my manic upswing!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley To best appreciate this week’s colyoom I suggest you swallow a spoonful of boogie woogie yahoo tincture, as I’m enjoying what I reckon is a minor manic upswing, after months...


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