Charlie Adley

Safe haven when the news is too scary!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Sometimes you watch the news or read something in the paper and your heart sinks. The world seems beyond redemption. Your mind spins as you struggle to make sense of...
Charlie Adley

Providing a sample proves the acid test

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Can I help you?” The brown-haired woman smiles at me through the hatch at the reception of the laboratory at UCH. I pass her the form my doctor gave me....
Charlie Adley

Radio panders to a long-gone nation

Double Vision with Charlie Adley The only surprising part of the George Hook scandal was that it took so long to happen. Hook is a man who would say these things, along with all the...
Charlie Adley

Autumn is only nature’s beginning

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It starts with the car windows veiled in morning dampness. Then flower beds show more seed heads than petals. The rains came exactly when they always do, just as festival...
Charlie Adley

Easy to spot the ones who voted ‘Leave’!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’ve only driven a few miles towards my mum’s from Heathrow Airport when a white van cuts up on the inside of my rental car, driving in a lane that...
Charlie Adley

Rambling, hurling, sloshing and dribbling!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley On an average Thursday I’d find it hard to justify a tour of Connemara. That boss I have in my head would be shouting me down, screaming: “Get back to...


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