Charlie Adley

Cricket is perfect for Irish on so many fronts!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Irish cricket is on the way up. Now recognised as a full ICC member, Ireland’s first ever Test cricket match will be played against Pakistan over the weekend of May...
Charlie Adley

Galway doesn’t trust me to be alone

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Under the early morning sunshine of a deep blue Claddagh sky, Paddy and I chat about what he needs to do to my car, Joey SX. We have a good...
Charlie Adley

Depression is a part of me, just like back pain!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley As my eyes opened this morning, I was immediately aware of its strength. Phwhooo, this one is a doozy: a real humdinger. ‘Oh boy, here we go again!’ I thought...
Charlie Adley

Blood will be on Tory hands if war returns

Double Vision with Charlie Adley I’m so sorry; I apologise to those people in Ireland who believe that the English feel increasingly hostile towards your country. Nobody set out to damage the Irish. Generally, few English...
Charlie Adley

How lovely to be told to do nothing!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It’s mesmerising, nostalgic and distracting. Whirlpools of big fat snowflakes are swirling around outside my window and it’s difficult to concentrate on work. Today we have been told to stay in...
Charlie Adley

Praise be the world beyond Facebook

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Last week I was lost for a moment between two worlds – the real one in which we taste chocolate, smell farts and feel the power of loving hugs…and the...


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