Charlie Adley

Will Jose change the way I choose to live?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Loathe to admit it but recently I’ve been enduring a period of emotional turmoil over matters of football. Well aware of how silly it sounds for a grown man to...
Charlie Adley

What’s ‘delayed indefinitely’ in plane English?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley If you’re lucky enough to be flying away on holiday this year, I suggest you prepare yourself mentally for the airport. Between accidentally pulled plugs crashing computer systems, cabin staff...
Charlie Adley

I’m all over the place – but I’m going nowhere!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Sometimes, looking after your body feels like such hard work. After over two years on a waiting list for physio for my back, I’m eventually awarded an appointment at a...
Charlie Adley

Home hosts the heart – so split mine in three!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Hoo yeah, that's a mighty fine pint. I’m in the only pub for miles around. Outside the wind, rain and cloud are merged as one, while I sit staring at...
Charlie Adley

How can you feel ashamed about giving to charity?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Sitting outside a pub, watching Galway City walk by, happy as a scribbler in a daze when: “Mind if I join you?”       “No, not at all.” “I know you to see...
Charlie Adley

Will the Snapper’s new car compare to Damo the Demio?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley It’s a bit ugly!” complained the Snapper, looking at the Mazda Demio. Up to that point I’d barely considered the aesthetics of the car. All I knew was that Paddy...


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